On Racism | Clarissa’s Blog

On Racism | Clarissa’s Blog

I think the key to understanding Nietzsche is through Bataille’s statement,
“Let no one doubt for an instant! One has truly not heard a single word of
Nietzsche’s unless one has lived this signal dissolution in totality; without it,
this philosophy is a mere labyrinth of contradictions, and worse; the pretext for lying by omission (if, like the fascists, one isolates passages for purposes which negate the rest of the work).”
In other words, he is speaking of shamanic dissolution, loss of knowledge and confusion about everything as being the *starting point* for anyone embarking on a Nietzschean project. One has to be willing to be led by the nose, by the God Dionysus, which means learning lessons from one’s own experiences of destruction. Nietzschean philosophy is not an ideology but a process of self-learning, through starting from scratch.

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