Acceptance Is The First Step To True Healing – YouTube

Acceptance Is The First Step To True Healing – YouTube

A lot of what we need to get over is the superego or guilt system that makes us live in conformity.  It injects death into our bodies and our psychical systems and the only way we can get rid of it is by “facing death” directly.  Most people do not do this as death is a fucking scary thing.  Facing death means facing our mortality, our limits and our weaknessness (that may continue to be weaknesses, never perfections).  Since this is so fucking hard, most people live in denial.  But to the extent that one lives in denial, one introduces falseness into their orientation toward the world and particularly their social relations.  Unfortunately that is the norm.  The norm is some degree of honesty about the human condition but a lot of living in denial. Hence a lot of narcissism (which is what living in denial is) and a lot of false hopes and (remember) if one is a narcissist oneself one is also susceptible to deception from others who present a false image and live false lives — and probably precisely to this degree.   But I was like this and you were like this — maybe not completely, and certainly not to the extent of a full-blown narcissist — to the degree that we were afraid to face death and therefore lived according to the values instilled in us by our parents and other scary authority figures.

Once we faced death for ourselves, their spells were broken.  We could live life on our own terms without hiding from ourselves anymore.

So the trolls did us a huge service.  They enabled us to be wrecked out of our primeval human wounds.  Now we are superhuman. 

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