It has been a long time coming partly because patience was needed for set of circumstances to fall into place where I could get the overarching insights I now have, but also because of the difficulty of the project itself.  Imagine reaching to the bottom of a lit fire to extract a few important pieces of coal.  That has been the task that faced me.   I could not make out of the shapes of these objects because of the flaring, but it was also against my instincts to reach beyond the flames and pull out what I needed.

What if items I sought were no longer there?  If all I did was to burn my hand?

In the past few days I managed to renew myself, however, which is hard to explain.  The culmination day was yesterday, when I saw a way into the future.

I had much less emotional access to my mind prior to early yesterday evening.  This lack holds a person back.   One is afraid of new experiences for fear of a further burning but if one can grab hold of those elemental parts of one’s true self, one is on one’s way again.


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