the termite personality structure

You need to be intelligent and extremely cautious. One of the other issues I’ve had to deal with is the Western personality structure in its own right. You can see someone commented on my most recent video and basically poured out the ideology that binds this particular personality structure. They fully believe that if they let me express any sentiments about anything I experienced as a child, then I will turn into a racist. There is this paternalistic attitude, which is really a control device, demanding that I do not spend time being preoccupied with my past, at least not in a meaningful or “emotional” way. This ideology seems linked to postmodernism, which many undergraduates have been taught in universities. The idea is that if we are too fully ourselves — too emotionally whole — we set down railway tracks to Auschwitz. It’s a cynical idea about human nature that embracing one’s identity leads to the persecution of others. Somehow I get these termites coming out of the woodwork when I’m around.

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