the lion

Most people would not have survived what I came through either. It was quite horrific. I really did lose everything at the age of fifteen, when the country changed regime and my parents migrated. That meant I had no emotional or psychological or cognitive or historical or political or economic foundations. Then I was consecutively attacked by almost everyone, but mostly the extreme left and the extreme right — the union workplace on the one side and my father, who was violently and perpetually disappointed in me on the other. My physical health was totally destroyed and I just held on by the narrowest thread to some kind of expectation for the future. In the mean time I had the second wave of narcissists/trolls who told me that I shouldn’t be like this, because surburbia (their own range of experience) is such a nice, calm, place. I had so-called friends and acquaintances betray me. I had only my own insight and this certainly this was not a rational experience and that I was much better than this to see me through.

 We are the winners — the fighters. Nietzsche says somewhere that whoever escapes this kind of onslaught it as strong as a lion.


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