No One Cares What You Do

This is really good too!  In fact, a huge part of my recovery process from whatever ailed me was to lost the highly Christianised perspective I had on life.  Because in Christian society everybody is alway in your business “for your moral good” and there is also the notion that if you follow your human nature, well that is considered your “fallen nature”, so if you do what comes naturally you are responsible for all sorts of evil and sin.  Therefore you are coaxed to pay attention to whatever other people think, and show they huge respect as suddenly appearing guardians or potential guardians.  I had to break myself from this habit largely by seeing people as they really are — which means in some senses entering a desacrilized environment, at least in relation to social life and the world at large.  Of course in relation to myself I could still consider this discovery process sacred, since each time I stripped off a layer of illusion I did come to know myself better.


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