Karmic debt

Your Friends Are Not Your Therapist – YouTube:

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Weirdly enough I also felt like I been paying karmic debts.  Bear in mind I haven’t read any books on karmic debts and really don’t like the formulation of the idea at all, when I do come across such Eastern religious notions.  But certainly I have been paying karmic debts — and perhaps the foremost was to black Zimbabwe, but then also to others more akin to me in biological terms.  I feel that the next thing will be to work with some people from my past — I mean the historical past, not my personal past.  Every improvement I have made over this twenty year period has been after paying off another installment of karmic debt.  When I give to others what I have, I am released.  But it is always very, very specific things — and sometimes I have to spend a lot of time looking around for those things, to get it just right.


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