The Stupidest Link of the Month | Clarissa’s Blog

The Stupidest Link of the Month | Clarissa’s Blog

“– Yes. There is a lot of apologetic self-flagellation going on. AND I HATE THAT. Feminism, individualism, individual rights, the rights of child, gay rights, democracy, progress, technology, humanistic scholarship, the collapse of patriarchal mentality – these are only some of the amazing achievements of our Western Civilization. This is a lot to be proud of. This is a legacy worth preserving.”
The weakness of the current Western stance is its almost-worship of subjectivism. So someone like me who is deemed to be or have been right wing (because of my original cultural status, no matter that I am extremely libertarian) is subjectively squelshed. At the same time exotic identities, like Islamic ones, are made room for …..up to a point. You can’t preserve any legacy is you allow people to act on their inner prejudices including their inverted prejudices about foreigners. The worship of the exotic foreigner and demand that one becomes more and more sensitised to their needs is not right. Those foreigners are most of the time right wing and I am always libertarian, but because of subjectivist training (for instance postmodernist theorising and new left theorising in the universities) the so-called intellectual leaders act really nuts.

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