The Power Of Being Formless

Well this is brilliant.  I’ve had exactly the same experience, above all with my memoir, which I wrote in a way to expore whether I had a nefarious inner identity.  Of course, people had already proclaimed I had a negative outer one, because of my historical origins.  But I needed to find if my inner one — my actual self– was at all negative.  What I did find was nothing pretty much, because people hadn’t given me the leg-room to act; they were too much on my case about the negative external identity.  

The strangest by-product of my writing, though, was that I got to know all about people in ways I couldn’t even have imagined.  People expressed absolutely astonishing levels of insecurity toward me, always in the form of a projection.  I couldn’t have been all of those negative things as they were all rather specific and in some cases represented the precise opposite character structure to the kind of person I am — I AM very, very emotionally dry, which is why I took to writing — to try to get more emotional flow happening:  But by golly, people projected their emotional wetness onto me, and what I saw reflected back was not me at all (which is what I had been hoping), but a reflection of the contemporary Western personality in its different manifestations.  And when I reflected deeply about what people had said, I did conclude that those people had revealed to me what was deeply personal about themselves.


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