psychological fundamentals

What has helped me tremendously is to understand what some call the psychology of fascism.  I can try to explain it this way, that people who have made a deal with the devil to get material goods or honors at the expense of actually living their real lives, as very real people, are very, very hostile to innocence and exuberance.  Seriously, you need to read up on this stuff, perhaps even read some Erich Fromm, on Escape from Freedom.  But there is some other even better stuff, too, that I have since forgotten where to find.  If you read some stuff about the real fascists, say in Germany, you can sometimes find talk about the inner drive to crush childlike innocence, because it seems offensive to those who have to live their lives in misery.  But this is not just fascism.  It’s really common in people, actually.  You need to be able to set up some guards against it.  Specifically it is childlike innocence that is attacked.  Just so you know.

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