Which Philosopher Are You? | Clarissa’s Blog

Which Philosopher Are You? | Clarissa’s Blog: “I believe the Roussean mentality has been the most responsible for messing up my life. That is, to the extent it has been messed up, and I do mean my professional life. Marx– not so much. In fact, Marx hardly at all, because when I was attacked by the unionists, in what may have been construed as a primiitive, Marxist fashion, it just made me stronger. But Rousseau whittles and undermines. It’s very hard to deal with it. Once should give up one’s authority and become like children, but not in pure innocence, not in a way that could be truly romantic, like the literary British romantics, who were actually rather scary. One has to be childishly attentive to things in a sado-masochist way. It’s like being cut off at the knees every time. What to make of it?

At the same time, some people tend to thrive best in this kind of a psychological environment, at least temporarily. I find it odd.

For instance one woman — she called herself a revolutionary anarchist — sought my help about bullying in the workplace and I even passed some work onto her and paid her quite a lot with what little money I had. Then suddenly she blocked me and defriended me on Facebook because I didn’t support her stance on Palestine.

You have to marvel at such insanity.”

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