Different societies, different historical states

Baby Darren | Clarissa’s Blog

Well, I think the society I was in did not favor narcissists simply because we were at war. This took all of the primal energy in a human being and directed it toward war. There was very iittle left over for direct preening. What I conclude from this is that human beings, especially the men, are supposed to be at war. Otherwise they are unhappy and start to compete in an unhealthy manner against their womenfolk.
Also, I do think current Western society is narcissistic. I think we ought to avoid at all costs the notion that what we encounter here is “human nature” and this is how it has always been. As a society moves away from feudal social relations towards validating the consumer, it becomes more and more narcissistic. I am speaking psychologically here, by the way, not directly economically, because I want you and others to grasp that enshrining the most passive role in society as the dominant one will produce a society of infants. It cannot help but do so. When the consumer is given priority over the producer or service-giver, you will end up with the enshrinement of bad behavior as next to godliness.
Lasty, whereas I don’t think all people are necessarily narcissists, I think my origins and cold.British demeanor has caused people to feel their narcissistic injuries. Don’t ask me how I did it, but people react to a reminder of the past. In a way they envy it and in a way they are afraid of it. And I do come from a situation of very, very strong feudal relations.

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