Baby Darren | Clarissa’s Blog

Baby Darren | Clarissa’s Blog

“The worship of infantilism has to go, because it’s fucking dangerous. Criminals use it successfully as a defense strategy.”
I was on a migrant transitional journey for a long time, where people simply would not believe a word I said about anything. I really felt I had to learn a new language. It was really impossible to fathom. For instance, if I had a problem with public transport and I was late for work one day, I could not simply say, “Sorry I am late because the bus was delayed today.” That was considered “an excuse”, whereas I had assumed it was a “reason”. I had to keep trying to figure it out.
My mistake was in believing it was possible to find a way out. Gradually it has become clear that one cannot calibrate oneself in any way that will satisfy narcissists. If you speak plainly, they say you are cold and unconvincing, while if you try to inject more emotion into your voice, they say, “Look at you! We all know that familiar language. You are just trying to get attention!”
A society that does not face its deep, structural problems, leads to individuals who try to get an emotional hit to feel temporarily better. There’s no adaptation to this. It can’t occur.

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