The Profound Unfairness of Going Viral | Clarissa’s Blog

The Profound Unfairness of Going Viral | Clarissa’s Blog

“Recently I met a woman who asked me why I moved to the country. I opened my mouth and tried to reply, but she didn’t even wait for it, but began to explain to me my own reasons for immigration (which were obviously the supposed poverty and the lack of job opportunities). She also assumed I would want to stay in her country forever, and I wanted to grow old here. Neither of these were true to say the least, but I didn’t want to waste my time on her, so just politely left. Before that I also had the luck to get to know that Hungary, Poland and Romania are “almost the same”. Yes, of course. It’s exactly like saying France and Germany are almost the same.”
Yes, whenever I said I came from Zimbabwe, people corrected me and said, “You mean South Africa”. Well the first was a very far left regime, which I had been inhabiting for three years (on fifth of my life at that point) and South Africa much much more industrialized, more modern and was still under a system of apartheid.
So, not the same thing. But if people want to have their stereotypes, nothing would please me more than to indulge them to the full. I even donned nazi psychological armor once, which was a riot.
Here’s a small e-book about migration, Christianity and psychopathology.

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