The Profound Unfairness of Going Viral | Clarissa’s Blog

The Profound Unfairness of Going Viral | Clarissa’s Blog

I always find any of this enjoyment in apocalyptic speculation so hard to understand because my own culture was so fucking different — I mean looking back I guess it must have been tough or more sinewy or more roughage was in it or something. I am revisiting the site where these old timers talk and they scare the life out of me, for reasons I can’t quite describe, but I said to Mike last night, engaging there is like handling a bright colored snake — very, very pretty, but watch out for its venom. Those things know how to bite!
But on the softer side of things, I have noticed that Nietzsche noticed a similar thing, that people seemed to feel obliged to multiply their pains in the eyes of others as if it were impolite not to have a lot of pain and suffering. Nietzsche said that frankly he didn’t believe any of it, that there were more than enough psychological palliatives that people didn’t have to express themselves in that way. He said a lot of young people wanted to be attacked from the outside so that they could experience misery through some contrived circumstances, when the more honorable route would be to take on a very difficult project and construct one’s own misery.

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