The Profound Unfairness of Going Viral | Clarissa’s Blog

The Profound Unfairness of Going Viral | Clarissa’s Blog

That was an intriguing video……Just to be sure: you talk about your migrating from Zimbabwe to Australia, right?
Yeah, I migrated after the regime change, when we went from far right to far left and my father’s income started to dwindle significantly.
Because I’ve seen so much, it’s very difficult for me to take small criticisms of my personality seriously, but apparently that is how it is nowadays. Everything is handled in small change and if you do not check your bank balance, everything will have been withdrawn before you know and you will have no social credibility. Or to put is differently, you have to perpetually swat the gnits that want to suck your blood and not ignore them by any means, because they are training each other to suck on your blood.
As for British people, my Colonial British playing card trumps theirs. They can be as aloof and full of it as they like, but I still trump them in stoicism, resolve, sheer capacity for ongoing warfare etc. Something I have discovered is that I have an eternal capacity for ongoing warfare. I can swallow my pride at any time, but I don’t forget. This alone gives me superiority because most people can and do forget their dominance ploys. I don’t forget them.

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