A mathematic proposition regarding guilt and pain

Nietzsche’s writing on this can and ought to be taken as a mathematical proposition or more precisely one related to physics.  What I am saying is he is making a dry statement and forces and counter-forces.  He is not even being all that flamboyant in the direct sense, although his use of language gives another impression.  (That secondary level of meaning is like his mask, his skin.) At the primary level, however, it is a simply mathematical equation.  The more you go against the line of conformity — which is a psychological line set in your head — the more you will invite a sensation of guilt and pain.  It’s no more complicated or more simple than this.  Have a look at my video on superego shamanism.  Both Nietzsche and Bataille were into this.  We don’t have to use Freudian terms, as they can be misleading, but most people are more familiar with Freud than with mathematical dynamic Nietzsche is outlining — so we can refere to “superego shamanism” Superego guards against one’s breaking from conformity.  But conformity is mindless.  That is the nature of it.  When one infringes against superego by doing something that is not in accordance with mindless conformity (i.e when one invokes the counter-force against it), the automatic reaction is to experience guilt and pain.  When one infringes against internalised social and cultural expectations, one can expect a loading of guilt and pain — especially in the early stages of breaking free from them, since one is not yet used to thinking and being for oneself, not on behalf of the herd.

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