Marechera’s disarming shamanism

Time’s leaves
With blood dewdrops
And Tantalus insanely awake!
I am the notion
From the chemist
Soothing all wrinkles
The pornographer’s Bible
May as well be idle
When of this you take your portion.
With correct regret we part
The inches of our intent on the chart
Like Columbus bent on cliff-edge destination.
“Farewell!” so say eleven year old tears
To the butchered carcass of his father
“Au Revoir!” says the helpless friend
Of the determined suicide soon a statistic—
The worm and the ceiling of means and ends
The cockroach and the remote Cathedral roof
Play the same side in the game
And playing oppose each other’s experiences
Oppose each other’s knowledge that you and I
Are perhaps on the same side of the sin,
the sign of sincerity.

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