the unresolved issue

And of course by writing my memoir about a politically-loaded past, I leave myself wide open to attacks on my sentimentality.  That is something I have always had to face — people denigrating my sentiments in relation to the past in order to launch their political attacks against the much broader political situation of my past.  That always causes tears.

Every time I publish something, people do not listen to the contents of it but attack the politics of the regime I was born into.  This has been one of the great emotional obstructive factors of my life, because I haven’ t been able to relate things about me, personally, without people using the opportunity to express their political attitudes to me. 

Unfortunately, this is not something that can be resolved by me, as it is a problem external to me.  I have learned to separate the two things — politics and my internal life — but others haven’t and perhaps cannot be expected to do so.

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