Repost: The Rhodesian solution

The Rhodesian solution: “The Rhodesian solution to the problem of emotionality was simple.  You lay down certain laws and you require everybody to follow them.   These laws are the laws of the land and a priori they are considered “rational”.  There is no room for objection or dissent.  Those who have a problem with the established order are considered irrational.  Having deemed them irrational, the next step is to make publicly evident that there is something psychologically unbalanced about them.  That way, public consensus will confirm that only what already exists – the established order and its rules – are truly rational.

This solution works for those at the top so long as one’s creature comforts are supplied.  They genuinely don’t feel any emotional hardship and they can occupy a higher strata — not only of society, but of their minds.  They can truly  administrate a political state and even experience a certain amount of death and destruction without really experiencing any emotional bumps along the road.

The problem with the Rhodesian solution is that one doesn’t know how to value or even evaluate one’s own individual interests.  One develops a purely abstract persona and in fact lives in accordance with it.  One thinks in terms of abstractions, but not in terms of one’s individual needs and wants.  So long as those wants don’t become pressing, the Rhodesian solution is very beautiful and spiritual.  One can really feel as if one is floating.  But if the individual becomes important, because let us say the individual as such comes under attack, one may as well be a defenseless puppy.”

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