Language Learning and Narcissism | Clarissa’s Blog

Language Learning and Narcissism | Clarissa’s Blog: “I can’t really read that sort of stuff usually and don’t read it generally, but I am starting out on a new sequence in my life, so I am being more open than normal.

What I did discover in my own explorations was that you do need a sense of a lot of internal nourishment if you are going to embark effectively on any useful activities. There is a key to all of this, which is also found even in the most noxious and otherwise superficial showing like “eat, pray, love”. Her primary drive is to “eat”. Well, I am by no means a Freudian, but perhaps this speaks to oral trauma. It addresses, at any rate, the issue of nourishment. I have nothing to say about praying and loving, at the moment, or why they should follow that sequence.

I have tended to view nourishment more in terms of logistics or even your oxygen supply, if you are climbing a tall mountain. It’s a real need. It probably can be symbolically relegated to the motherly side of things, even in terms of the idea of an umbilical cord.

The ideal of “shamanism” (as per Nietzsche, Bataille) is to have the capacity to adventure freely, independently of the internal constraints of social control. But I think most people cannot do it — cannot reach that point of active nihilism — because they are not first well-fed enough internally.”

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