Repost Let us call evil "fate"

Let us call evil “fate”: “Thing about Rhodes is at least he was making statements referring to the outside world and to reality. Nowadays, there is no strategising, just expendiency when things start to fall into chaos. Strategising is politically incorrect, because then it immediately becomes apparent that power relations are involved. Even now, when things fall into apparent madness, power relations are always still involved, but we are not to talk of them. The chaos, madness or revolution is supposed to seem all incidental. Even the violent oppression by the authorities is incidental and “can’t be helped”. In the end, those who can dominate others continue to do so and the poor continue to be crushed. But at least there are no longer any obvious strategies for domination. Rather than being in the hands of humans, everything now is in God’s hands. Let us not refer to human agency at all, as it signifies evil. But let evil continue, in whatever way it does, and let us call that “fate”.”

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