Loss of Innocence | Clarissa’s Blog

Loss of Innocence | Clarissa’s Blog: “The issue of colonial guilt is what causes splitting and dissociation in the Western personality — and I do mean generally speaking. It is ubiquitous. This is the core of the problem that is keeping all of Western society immature. It’s very, very difficult for Westerners to face their shadow side, rather than dissociating from it. They need to learn to incorporate it, because every society has its history, which is to say every society has its evil. You can’t divorce yourself from history and pretend you live on a cloud, as this will just make you unrealistic and incapable of exercising any effective criticism or acting efficiently in the world.

But once again, the whole of Anglo-American culture has this problem. It can’t grow up because it cannot handle its shadow.

This is why Western feminism and most left-wing cultural movements are vile and stupid.”

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