Not everyone can shamanise and here is why

A lot of people do make the decision to go back to sleep, because that is easier for them.  And some people do get to be partly awake and that becomes permanent, but the moment you suggest further freedom, they retreat shouting insults.    You’ve just got to let them be.  They are in a way a different species.  Imagine a mollusc and you take off its shell suddenly and ask it to cope.  It’s not going to like that feeling one bit.  Maybe if the shell gets thinner over time or if bits of it get chipped away by circumstance it can eventually evolve into something more than what it is.  I think we sometimes underestimate how painful it is for people to shift into a mode of greater freedom, especially if we have become used to our own freedom.  People do defend themselves against a change that is too sudden (or, indeed from any change at all) by hurling abuse and becoming offensive.  Their offensiveness is their form of defence, because the transition is too difficult for them.  

We also have to remember that some people have had very compromised or impoverished childhoods and that shamanic growth draws all its energy from the magic of childhood.  Some people simply cannot grow if their childhoods have been stressed and painful to too high a degree.  Along with this, the later they leave their growth, the more difficult it will be.  This means that for some people shamanism is all but an impossibility.  We have to accept others’ limitations, which may be expressed in terms of sudden moods of aggression or simple failure to follow through.

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