Poor Sods | Clarissa’s Blog

Poor Sods | Clarissa’s Blog

I prefer to help men to permanently find their emotions. This whole object relations thing (see the British object relations psychoanalysts) where the mother becomes “a container” for the child’s projected emotions (in other words she has to process the immature emotions for him, and give the requisite facial expression that applies to them) ought not to go beyond infancy.
If a grown man tries to get me to do the work of a mother, I push him back onto his own resources by demonstrating that there is no organic link between the words he says and the manner in which I can understand them — in other words I become the quintessential ANTI-MOTHER. If the man is alert, he will be able to understand that what he takes as being a natural relationship between men and women is not so. Women do not automatically understand his emotions. He has to understand them for himself.

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