Something akin to Freud’s “superego” keeps us in a conformist mode out of fear of being cast out of the herd and dying — a primitive fear.  This is a kind of hypnosis.

Something akin to Freud’s “ego” creates the pressure to compete with others in a narrow, competitively self-interested way.   This is a kind of hypnosis, too, since the drive to compete at all costs robs one of one’s true self and one’s self-enjoyment.

Underneath all this is  not the “Id” but the true self, which is the organic unity of one’s being.  It takes pleasure in participation in life alone, and it does not matter to this self that it will die, so long as it flows in the stream of life.

All forms of neurosis are the protests of this true self against the imbalances of excessive superego or excessive ego.  The true self protests that superego and/or ego are throttling it, preventing it from swimming in a natural current.  It feels this denial as a form of death or dying.

Shamanism restores the balance that enables one to access one’s true self.


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