It seems….

I have permission to go into the outside world again and try my luck with it.

Actually, I’m really, really interested in going on another horse-riding safari, but I would like to go galloping this time, not on a walking safari, at least for sprees.

I’m satisfied that I have overwhelmingly resolved the questions I had about intellectual shamanism.  My new “book” is now available for download.  There are one or two typos in it, plus a sentence that is repeated, but I left it in on purpose as a kind of gesture to the “spirits” (interpret that in any way you like!)  At some point I will turn this into a soft cover offering.

Nietzsche said that when you can finally laugh at your misadventures, you have achieved a quality of liberation few can attain.  This is why Zarathustra is the laughing prophet, transcending all mode of earthly seriousness.  One has every right to laugh at others if one can do so at oneself.


Obviously this jesting and humor is not cynical but capacitated by having come to terms with everything one has experienced.  It’s the seal of achievement of having recovered from life’s ills and understood them well enough to make the best of them.

I’d still like to learn to fly a plane and to have a property of my own and take care of horses, but I have no money.  Philosophically and psychologically I can laugh at a good deal of things but in other respects I am ground-bound.

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