Psychoanalysis: How I Lost My Fear of Dogs | Clarissa’s Blog

Psychoanalysis: How I Lost My Fear of Dogs | Clarissa’s Blog

The problem is that if “others can see things not obvious to you” is a blanket statement, rather than a very circumscribed one, you can actually cause bad situations to become even worse. For instance, it has become increasingly obvious to me how I was a conduit for my family’s bad vibes. And really, these were more than just “vibes”. It may even be possible for those other than myself to imagine a situation where huge sacrifices, including one’s blood, were made for a certain kind of ideological ideal, and then in a flash, without proper warning from the media, those sacrifices meant less than nothing and one lost absolutely everything that had had meaning in one’s life. Accumulated rage has to go somewhere, and I do believe that my family tacitly agreed that the breadwinner needed to lose his direct awareness of his extreme rage so that he could…earn bread. Therefore I was the nominated victim in the family to succumb to those negative emotions that my family were unable to face (for both practical and cowardly reasons).
Family psychodynamics. And history. And war. These are relevant explanatory systems in my case.
And what would be really unhelpful, not that it has not already occurred, would be for someone to tell me to buck up because they have deeper insight into “my” “problems” than I do. Of course narcissists will come along and propose trite solutions because they genuinely have the illusion that they are omniscient, like “GOD”, and they did not even have to be present or do any of the footwork just to know exactly whatever the problem happened to be.
And believe me, I have met some pretty wacky narcissists, some that use psychoanalysis as their crutch.

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