Psychoanalysis: How I Lost My Fear of Dogs | Clarissa’s Blog

Psychoanalysis: How I Lost My Fear of Dogs | Clarissa’s Blog:

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I just came from reading that chapter that the guy recommended to me, by Guattari, where he points out that if you remain within the psychoanalytic paradigm, you will encounter very oppressive familial psychodynamics when you “regress”. The whole chapter points this out, that you can’t remain within the paradigm and hope to benefit by regression.
But looking at the issue from a more shamanic perspective, shamanic initiation is often depicted as a regression to infancy. But what is being sung to you during that time is not a song about famiiliar psychodynamics and how important they are. Maybe other songs are sung, concerning gods or deities. Whatever is sung during that period of regression can be reinforced, and the specificities of what is sung can make things freer and more interesting or more repressive. That is the nut of G’s whole argument, that psychoanalytic regression makes things more repressive. My addendum to this is that it also depends on what is sung. Let us not reinforce an Oedipal triangle during the experience of regression (which G argues typically takes place in psychoanalysis). A talented shaman will surely reinforce something less damaging.

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