CHAPTER 15: blissed out states

Chapter fifteen follows chapter fourteen in a consecutive order.  Shamanism will be hard to follow for most people, just as life on the Sun would be, if you hadn’t experienced it yet.  My reference points are Earthly, therefore I cannot understand why you are talking about the heat and the giant flames.  If we had those here we would know about it.  Therefore it is all inside your head.

But they can see the Sun, which isn’t in my head at all, they just can’t get there yet.   And anyway it’s burning hot so we can understand why.

To be blissed out by a premature character development is most people’s lot.  They may complain that they are badly shaped by authoritarian parents, but in fact it’s their blissed out condition that keeps them how they are, going along like good little boys and girls hoping for a reward in heaven.

That’s how I was too, completely overshadowed by a blissed out state.  And really why not?  Life when you first land on Earth is wonderful.  Even the cruelest act of fate does not detract from the enjoyment of being a human being.  But we are prematurely heartened and do not go far.  We are happy little sunbeams solicited by Jesus for his works.

And so we take a lot of blows and harshness just to preserve the illusion that we’re blessed.

In French, blesser means to injure.  So we are injured by our erotic embrace of life.  Freud thought so too.  You can’t be in that childlike happy state forever, but many people find it hard to get out of it.  And believe me, no reality principle is going to help you here, not in a world of adults acting like children in their blissed out states.    That is the principle of adaptation to further childishness.

Adults these days are still children and maybe that has always been true, although I think Hegel had it right when he said facing death was the key to gaining the upper hand, at least in relation to freedom, although it still leaves you with a half-personhood, requiring a reacquaintance with immanence.

But most of us have premature character structures, dwarf formations, because we hope to be rewarded by life in the manner in which we have become intoxicated with it.

I, for instance, never learned to fight until way into adulthood.  So I had all of this pent up aggression, but a blissed out state just on the surface of it.  I hoped to be rewarded by toeing the line.  Anything for another hit — a prolongation of the blissed out state.

It isn’t angry parents that keep us down, it is our vegetative happiness.  Those who create trouble and disorder in the world are your friends — heralds of your awakening.  So Nietzsche said live dangerously and wake the hell up.

A child will even unreservedly embrace a vicious parent in order to keep his illusions that he’s blessed.  This leads to strange events like dissociative personality disorder and a confusion between love and hate.  The child is blissed out by love so much that he cannot recognise hate, not if it slaps him on the head.

And Western culture, too, has managed to find itself its own groove in a blissed out state, which is why literature is becoming increasingy childish.  And those who read intellectual writing take it in only as a projection of their intellectual dwarfism.

For we are truly blissed.

Freud said the erotic fantasies of the child creates gender.  The male child is blissed out by its mother, whilst the female child finds bliss in father figures.  Thus a truncated character is created, which embraces only one side of the whole human equation.  One becomes a boy or girl because one has been blissed out totally.

In the end you’ve got to take the raw material of your self and make something of it.  And hostile people teach you how to do that.  You find yourself fighting yourself and at odds with yourself and that is a fine thing!  You lose your susceptibility for settling for a blissed out state.  You gain the other side of your whole being back, which is (for women) the masculine dimension and (for men) the feminine arena.   You have been blinded all your life by seeking out a state of bliss, but men do have a feminine dimension — and when they find it, they become irresistable seducers.  And for women, too, the masculine dimension sets their minds and genitals on fire, supposing they can fight their blissed out states enough to find this energy within.

You reverse the dwarfism you accepted when you first became blissed.  You become whole again, through undoing the error of allowing your susceptibility to bliss to take over your mind.  For some this means denying God, for others one revokes an undiscriminating love for authority.  In all, the hostile people will help you understand where you’ve allowed the bliss to settle, and by making it impossible for you to be just as you are, all dwarfed and covered in bliss, they will help you find your true self and be whole.

That is why Bataille’s writing is so violent.  And why Nietzsche wanted us to build on the slopes of Vesuvius.  

And why being violently attacked when you are at the point where you can barely handle it is your key to redemption.

Shamanic awakening can’t dispense with the violent elements of life, that will be used to wake you up.

You can’t be soft but must take violence into you, to counter your peaceable bliss.

And some people want to create dwarfist societies, where people are blissed out from the earliest age until the day we die.  But that means being small and sad and lonely, and just a half human being (male OR female), and doing repetitive chores like clerical work until you die, because it’s easier that way, to keep believing in the bliss that comes to you after you die, rather than fighting yourself using violence and horrific measures.

And the only way to counteract the blissed out state is to take the violence in, internally.

A bitter medicine.


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