Two Scenarios | Clarissa’s Blog

Two Scenarios | Clarissa’s Blog: “If you encourage the masses in their anti-authoritarianism, they will just be undereducated and eat a lot of chicken nuggets and thick shakes. One thing I’ve noticed — if you look at my old school photo, nobody is fat and if you encounter the same people on Facebook today, none of them are fat, This was a culture of deprivation rather than indulgence and there are many things to be lamented about authoritarian culture, especially that nealy all my old friends ended up conservative, but somehow none of them are self-indulgent or hostile to authority as such. They are people who could still tolerate education and a nation state. And those who cannot — hopefully they will find a way to thrive on their own. They need to lean heavily (not a pun) on their own resources, and hopefully find a way to prevent themselves from sinking.”

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