chapter 14

Shamanic initiation is nothing but it is ugly because you are fighting against your head to make your way to something fresh.  It’s repulsive like boiling organs, putting them back into your body, nice and new.  I can see how on the one side you are prone to glorifying something but on the other that very something spells your end.  You glorify your boss, or past or parents or the great blue sky, I mean the nation or your work or power or the people or something like that.

It’s repulsive to the viewer and revolting to the one being initiated, because humans tend to glorify what limits them.  These limitations give us consciousness, as GWF points out, which was before he got his horns and married Helga. When a power system comes along and tells us we are limited, we want to marry it and have its children.  That is how that goes.

So all forms of worship lead to atrophying.  You and me and all our children.  That is how that goes.

Destroy the reverential consciousness and you release the soul.  But lots of people do not realize it.

They want to revere and love and hope and break themselves on their unrealized dreams.  It’s noble but it isn’t Neechy and it isn’t realistic.

Don Juan said face down death and you will release the life force from its grasp.  This may be difficult to do because you’re breaking your own head, which is why most people don’t want to do it, but that’s the shamanic way.

It is disgusting.

I didn’t want to do it but other people broke me down instead of me, praise Allah.  I am here now and that’s that.  It wasn’t pretty but I made it, WTF.  I can’t believe it isn’t butter.  I’d write better, but this isn’t my day.

I’m not that bright but from what I can tell, the clasp of death is maintained through our seeking of glory or more aptly through our preemptive assumption to recognise it long before it appears.  If we worship women we will die because of woman and God has our death sentence in his own good hands as well.

But if we worship nothing we will free the elements of eros from the death that bind us.  That will be life-giving.
But we are a reverential form of creature.  Genuine?  said Nietzsche.  That would be the person who goes to the desert and breaks his reverential heart.  You worship things and they will limit you — and we all do…blissed out by our childhood experiences.


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