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Saturday Link Encyclopedia | Clarissa’s Blog: “Right, that sex article is strange. To me it reads like this:

I often go on and on about banana pips and pickled ham and some people think I overdo it but these really are the core elements to the joy in sex, which we all have access to, so long as there are banana pips in the world, and who would dispute that? And then of course there is and always will be pickled ham. People have lied to us about these day and night, but I am sure that all will be revealed if we can ascertain the deeper meaning of our own banana pips. This isn’t possible without truth. That makes three things we need to embrace, which are banana pips and pickled ham and truth.

And to be fair, we won’t always react to things like a machine, like boom, boom, boom, because that is not the truth. Therefore you can see why the third element, of the truth, is very important. I am here to tell you about that. Just be your own bad self, and if you aren’t really into anything risque, well aint’t that the truth? Once again, I return to banana pips and how we need to embrace them. One person’s pickled ham is not the same as any other person’s pickled ham.”

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