I studied psychoanalysis heavily for my thesis. It turns out that while there are some similarities between the structure of psychoanalysis and the structure of shamanism, in the end, psychoanalysis has the logic of original sin in it, which is the same thing as the angel barring the return to the Garden of Eden, in the book of Genesis. This is important to note, because psychoanalysis bars the return to paradise and to shamanic ecstasy. In fact I have never seen anybody or any system so hostile as when this difference becomes apparent. The psychoanalysts rage, strongly, against shamanic returns and tend to see shamanism as a form of fascism that could lead to Auschwitz. It could all be a great misunderstanding, I don’t know. But certainly the notion that humans are not innately evil but can return to their origins in all innocence — this is strongly opposed by those who take psychoanalysis’ side. In fact, their hostility is such that they will do anything to make you feel guilty. So handle psychoanalysis with care, and realize that it also has a social and political agenda of its own.

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