Radio Voices | Clarissa’s Blog

Radio Voices | Clarissa’s Blog

I realized today what the engineering problem was that has upset the political structure of Western culture, and that it may be in the notion that one cannot be authoritarian (or even authoritative it seems) whilst being extremely liberal. It seems to me, from recently blasts of wind/knowledge though my head that I have always been both of these things at the same time, but people see one side of me and register it as right-wing and then they see another side and think I tricked them.
The idea that to be liberal one must be extremely mild and symbolically gendered in the mode of the Christian-feminine type, or that by being firm and (yes even) authoritarian, one is taking the side of a masculine purposefulness or agenda, has led to the complete and entire corruption of Western civilisation. A well-rounded or broad based personality simply cannot function in it anymore. At least I cannot, because I am too much what I am.
How can you function if only half of yourself at any one time is permitted to operate publicly — and then when people catch sight of the other side, they accuse you of fraudulence?

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