Planetary constitutions | Nietzsche’s hairs

Planetary constitutions | Nietzsche's hairs: “The metaphor of coming out of one’s discomfort zone slowly is not one I can particularly relate to, as I have always, in a lot of ways, been in a state of rather high discomfort.  I have learned to distrust all self-improvement programs over the years.  And there are other reasons, too, which I won’t go into, because it takes too long and you would probably have heard much of it before.   I guess, though, a key issue is that people are structured differently psychologically, and we should bear this in mind.  If someone has a narcissistic core, as most people in the West tend to do, as they are brought up to feel they are individual competitors, then a training that teaches them to gradually move from their home base into the wide, outside world, whilst becoming more diverse and shedding their prejudices, might be very good for them.   But I have no such internal core – rather, a very diffused core.   That means I am actually best when I am a little bit prejudicial, and certainly nobody ought to advise me to gradually move away from myself even further, or to be more open-minded than I have been.  That’s because my default state is to be totally removed from myself and absolutely open-minded.  But for me that is not a good thing – and others can sense that too.
So let us think of ourselves as different kinds of planets with different mineral constitutions.  Many will have an obviously a molten core – a feature I have often encountered before.  But I have a very gaseous core.   I’m more solid on the outside than I am internally.   Therefore, moving gradually away from my inner self, or its supposedly narrow concerns, does not make any sense to me.”

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