shamanic adaptation/mutation

Our deficiencies in some respects are what makes us choose the shamanic path.   I should make it clear by saying that the way we are effectively able to compensate for deficiencies of any sort is what gives to us our shamanic insights (following a shamanic “initiation”).
Let us take me.  I am completely lacking in mammalian drives, in that I cannot even perform grooming behavior in relation to another human and consider that action on my part to be putrid.
But BECAUSE I am so lacking in said mammalian drives, I inevitably draw attacks.  And these attacks are of the sort I can learn from.  Not only that but there was ONE PARTICULAR attack which actually seemed to alter my DNA.  So now I have the ability to wear X-ray spectacles, as it were, because I can actually SEE mounting group emotional intent, and defend myself against it before I am completely overwhelmed.  Whilst in some respects this may not be as good as having mammalian drives and being more directly adaptive, it seems to serve my purpose of survival.
Also this new knowledge lends itself to philosophizing and making intellectual observations about mass psychology, which is nice to be able to do, and certainly passes the time in a pleasant way.
I guess some people never can see GROUP EMOTIONAL INTENT and some people partially sense it, but I have a very detailed orientation toward it now, whilst I had no perspective whatsoever prior to my initiation.
I wouldn’t want people to think my shamanism has to do with mere intellectual posturing.  There WERE significant adaptive changes I experienced, under intense heat.  But on the other hand, my tendency to draw the fire of others had to do with my innate deficiencies.

One thought on “shamanic adaptation/mutation

  1. This post reminded me of one of Nietzsche’s aphorisms:
    “One thing is needful – To “give style” to one’s character – a great and rare art! It is exercised by those who see all the strengths and weaknesses of their own natures and then comprehend them in an artistic plan until everything appears as art and reason and even weakness delights the eye.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, “The Gay Science”, 290

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