New Year’s Resolutions

I made some last year, but they were half-hearted, because I still had some unresolved work to do, figuring out some loose ends.   I’ve finally done it though.  It turned out that what I had to do all along was separate the Judeo-Christian metaphysical elements —  including, to a large part, Freudianism — from my understanding of the world.   That way, I have one consistent world view, which works a lot better than two mutually contradictory (but partly overlapping) maps.

Having finally achieved what I had set out to do, even though I did not understand back then that this would be the end point of the journey, I have become extremely secure in my being and in my knowledge.

I am also able to perceive myself, my interests and my needs much better, since I do not allow my head to be clouded with other people’s metaphysical axioms.

Of course, maturity, which is to say simply age, is very useful for understanding which propositions presented by others do or do not work.   One might be tempted to accept a great deal as useful suggestions, if one had not tried and tested these ideas already and found out the extent to which they did not work.

Now that I have reduced extraneous mental baggage, I don’t need to consider everything twice.   I know that I have rejected Christianity and my reasons for it are quite clear.   The basic one is that this religion and those ideas related to it obscure the truth and make it much harder to recognise.  Those who want to find out the truth about anything will have to settle for much less if they adopt Christian views and values.

And why is the truth important?   It gives us the greatest scope for movement.   Not to be bound in fear by some false notion about how the world operates, but to be clear-sighted, means one can weigh up the risks much more accurately, and on that basis choose to do whatever it is one wants.

One can’t be brow-beaten anymore, because there are no longer any looming truths that others can hold over you, which you fear you inadvertently had failed to factored in.   Reality is hardly simply material matter, but the rules for life are those one has experienced and already deeply thought through.

Let those who do not know the rules yet suffer under externally imposed regulation.   I understand the theory of gravity enough to ride a thermal and descend at my own pace.

I don’t have to collapse under the sheer weight of the gravitational law.

And so.  Onward and upward, and again in spirals.

The principle of managing energy is fundamental to shamanism, and how one uses or abuses it will determine the success or otherwise of the rest of one’s life.


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