Dangerously real

The primeval is experience  is that which is dangerously real.  Reality isn’t real unless it is dangerous.  Naturally, humans thirst for this experience, although plastic fakes abound.  Strangle a lion with your bare hands, or attempt to, and I will concede that your experience has been real and dangerously so.   Or:   stand behind a mesh screen and shoot your prey through a peepy hole after it has been set up for the kill, and I will posit you are maybe just a yank.

Sorry.  That was hurtful.   I should refer to this by the full name:  Yankee Doodle.

Tamed-down versions of primeval experiences exist, but when they have been dosed up on tranquilisers, they’re not any more primeval than your great granny in her rocking chair.  But she may be a very nice lady and I’m not intending any insult.

Primeval experiences are dangerous, but being a lady isn’t so.   To be a lady means no dangerous experience will rock your being.  In fact the gender system agrees with me:  once “a lady” is raped or otherwise mishandled, she loses her societal status and is nothing more than one who dwells in gutters.

In any case, I maintain my view that an unsullied lady is the only possible variety, with no room for deviation from that basic format.


A dangerously real experience means no longer calling on this gender terminology.  Why not?  Because you realise that it is fake.  Why?  Because you have become exposed to one or myriad experiences that are dangerous and real.

Many people long for a deeper draw on reality, but their lungs are shallow.  So, they shoot a beast in Africa and then encourage other “ladies” to take up a weapon.

Why?  Because they lack the courage for a full experience and want to latch onto plastic bubbles to stay afloat, when they should give up all claims to what is artificial.   Go for the full-on dirty, combat with primeval elements.

You might find something out about the reality or falseness of society’s gender constructs.


Cf.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/10453255/TV-presenter-causes-outrage-after-posing-with-lion-she-killed.html


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