The love that killeth

Nonknowledge (as per Bataille) is what I call  deep subjectivity.  This is an open state of being, not seeking to control things in order to feel empowered, but working with what exists and learning to master natural forces.  The old style of Rhodesian type knew how to do this and even to attain mastery by being open, but the modern type knows it not.

This notion of the subjective is entirely different to what Judeo-Christian cultures refer to as subjectivity.  What they intend to mean is the dross of life that can be readily dismissed.  They tend to put women as a group and life experience into this category.  These are then subconciously entitled, ‘NOT WORTH KNOWING’.

To only desire and cling to what is proclaimed as already known seems to me to be to embrace the grossest sense of squalor.  Why cling to debris like a drowing person from your inception?   Are you afraid of letting go of certainties, to discover the wide ocean?

If so, fair enough, but do you really need to perpetuate your crime against yourself by labeling whole facets of existence as being so far below you that you can readily dismiss them for the sake of holding onto your loose timber — your claim to knowledge?



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