My new diet

For many years, my food hasn’t suited me too well.  Carbohydrates have never made me feel okay.  They’ve drained my energy and left me feeling extremely fatigued.  Grains were noxious for their  indigestibility, which used to cause me to be unable to focus on very much.  Potatoes were marginal energy sources, as was rice.  I used to eat them as I was told I needed a high energy breakfast — but, they made me feel rather old and adult, in ways I shouldn’t have and far before my time.  I used to have extreme indigestion and a sense of not being able to hold in detailed data, because my brain felt like it had been punctured with holes from historical stressors.  Not anymore.

I get up and I take three Resveratrol tablets with a glass of water.   I have breakfast — just a few potato slice and some vegetables, with an egg.  I may have bacon or sausages.   I find I leave half the starchy nourishment on my plate.  I have a mug of cacao sweetened from the browny grains of coconut sugar, which assures I won’t have pains and aches in my limbs after a workout.   I may also eat several spoons of coconut oil as an energising boost.

For lunch, I eat a small snack — lox, with olive oil on rice-cakes with the free scattering some fresh or dried herbs.  I’ll drink red wine.

I also enjoy popcorn when I’m sitting up late at night.  I am sure to cook these in plenty of coconut oil.  This assures a good night’s sleep.  I use as much salt as I feel necessary.  I may eat sardines for dinner or some chicken thighs.   I’ll add raw spinach leaves or heat up some kale.

Now I feel twelve again, or eight.   I don’t have weird things — muscular aches or hormonal imbalances.  My digestion is smooth and my mind is very clear.

My recommendations?  Eat and drink as you desire, but consider eating coconut products more, especially the oil.  For hormonal fluctuations and plaques in the brain, threatening early onset Alzheimers’s, take a high dosage of Resveratrol.   Add cacao for magnesium, especially if you do a lot of exercise.   If you like animal fat,  feel free — your body will tell you when to stop.

In all, I am finding in my life that you can’t go wrong by totally ignoring and discarding the previous admonishments of the authorities.   They usually take a while to figure out when something isn’t working.

A couple of decades seems like long enough to have wasted on the extreme foolishness directed at me from both the moral and culinary realms.


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