Belligerant people

I’m tired of ritual sacrifices.

It’s not the conformists but the belligerants who embrace nonknowledge.   Knowledge leads you to rationality, which leads you to conformity.  The direction of impact may not be in the direction I’ve suggested, but these three elements belong together at a psychological level, which is not to say they cannot split apart and go their separate ways at times.

As Nietzsche said, when we get old we realize that we are too weak for many things.  Experience tells us as much.  Listening to experience is rational.   We then seek security — a sign of old age.

Those who embrace nonknowledge, though, never seem to learn.  To learn is to be reduced to caring primarily about safety and security, at a time when life, despite its troubles, seems very much worth living.  Why reduce oneself to necessity, when there is still some possibility remaining in the psyche — still youth?

Bataille uses the idiom of gambling to express this state of mind.  Life is a lost cause, but living is still preserved for those who are alive.

By contrast, fighting death produces gradual degeneration, decay and capitulation.   These things take time.  Minute by minute, the life juice is extracted.


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