With the demise of one’s subjective allegiance to metaphysics, intensity drops off, for one no longer feels the urge to sacrifice to one’s ideals.

Points of view are part of organic nature.

One need no longer stride vegetable patches to lop heads off cabbages, as a signal that one is not keen on eating cabbage.

Because I’ve learned to see the world though eyes unfiltered by metaphysics does not mean others have.

To see somebody take affront to a squash or a cauliflower?

For someone to feel charged to personally rid the world of sweet peas or bananas, because of some divine decree?

We allow different types of life to grow.  In regulating what we plant, we exercise our power.  We harvest and we eat accordingly.

We water that which we desire and refuse to fertilize the areas of land that are unnecessary.

There is nothing violent or extreme about this.

We simply choose to exercise our power.


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