Today, I have a natural capacity for physical self-defence, but only because I’ve trained my mind and flesh.   It’s a totally different mind-set to be able to defend oneself.   Knowing that one can stand one’s ground, one moves in a different way from how one used to.  I always make use of my peripheral vision, but this has much to do with being genuinely curious about what’s going on around me.

When considering how to defend myself, I always visualize the body divided into four segments as follows:

The angles of my strikes would often follow the angles in the large black X superimposed over the human body.  A strike coming from the side is harder to deflect than one that comes from the front.

By dividing the body in this way, it is also possible to consider how each of those four parts — even in the attacker — work as separate weapons and may be targeted as separate sections by working the angles of the X shape. Also take-downs work best on a diagonal line.

Which part would YOU attack?

If you attack the throat, watch out for one or both hands coming out to grab you.  Feet and legs can kick, but you can also be kicked back.

The head can attack you with a head butt or a bite.

You need to act fast to target the most vulnerable parts of the body.


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