Limited conceptions of reality

A Very Stupid Video About a Macho Freak « Clarissa’s Blog

You know, I used to look at things in a similar way to this fine fellow in the video linked above. 
I was brought up in a very nationalistic culture, and we used to paste our stickers everywhere, proclaiming, “Rhodesia is super.”

Then the war ended and nothing was super any more. Nothing could be super.
Then I read Dambudzo Marechera’s work, which from a right-wing perspective was on the “opposite” side to us. Only he turned out not to be so opposite, but rather warlike in his own right and complex in a way I hadn’t anticipated.
This was a huge revelation to me — that other people and things could be super; that the world was bigger than it had initially seemed, and bigger than we had made it.
The realm of reality suddenly seemed incredibly rich to me, through Marechera’s eyes.

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