Consider what most people need to thrive

Consider what most people need.  Free time and sunshine.

People do need money but not much.

And furthermore?  People need a free sexuality, not in the sense of being uninhibited, but instead, free from monetary enticements.   To have to express or repress one’s sexual nature on the basis of financial rewards or punishment is to have a bound sexuality.

Beyond this, people need two extra enticements to enjoy living: friendship and adventure.   These are not expensive, and to some extent the less money you have the more opportunities for adventure become

People also need to the wind to blow in their windows every night, with perhaps the sound of the gentle ocean.

Good books could bring additional pleasure, and they are not expensive.

Laughter and wine are also necessary, and perhaps some mbanje if that suits your pleasure.

People need to be able to go for walks in the forest and to camp in the outdoors, and to combat insects and imaginary monsters.


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