Rampant everyday psychosis

What I really miss is a “can do” society, where you can say, “Look there is a problem here,” and people would say, “I see. Let’s see what we can do about it!” Then, they actually address the issue in a reasonable and helpful practical manner.

That doesn’t happen and instead everything is reduced to invisible perceptions and psychological forces and power interests and psychosis, ultimately. If you don’t face reality as it is actually happening, but try to reduce it down to something that only happens in your head and in the heads of others, you are crazy.

There’s very little that would need psychologizing in a rampant fashion if actual problems were attended to.

Nobody knows how to do this anymore, or nobody wants to. In the case where somebody is bullied, the bully and the bullied are supposed to get together and talk through each other’s differences, as if power relationships were equal.

It seems that much of current psychological theory is pushing everything in precisely this wrong direction. There are realities outside of our heads, and the sooner we deal with those effectively, the less likely they are to become “psychical forces”. Otherwise, you reduce everything to psychosis and make being crazy the everyday social norm.


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