4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Because the nun is simply adopting the uniform her employer insists upon. Fulfilling the mandate of your employer is hugely different from fulfilling the mandate of your family.

    Imagine if I told you that my husband insists that I give them regular reports on how many hours a week I spent engaging in this or that activity and if I refuse he threatens to divorce me. What would you think of my situation? Yet I do such reports for my employer all the time and don't mind in the least.

  2. Actually I don't buy the idea that the nun's uniform has no patriarchal significance. A uniform isn't a report. Uniforms do have significance, of different sorts, in every working environment. Sometimes they speak about status, sometimes they speak to utility. A nun's uniform has symbolic meaning in that it is considered appropriate feminine attire for brides of Christ.

  3. Oh, of course the nun's uniform has a significance. But she chooses her job while the Muslim woman doesn't choose anything. She is packed into this headdress just because she is born female.

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