Patriarchal formulations: a mathematical approach

Patriarchal ideologies are rife with smoke and mirrors, to a degree with can be measured by the logical inconsistencies of these ideologies.

Working out how the system of patriarchy is structured requires a logical, almost spacial form of reasoning. You have to figure out what sorts of acts, events or attitudes are included within its system and which are excluded. Secondly, there is an algebraic aspect, whereby if something is added to one side it is excluded from the other side. I had a lot of fun exploring the patriarchal proposition, “men are intellect, but not emotion.” Patriarchy excludes emotion and makes reasoning without emotion into its definition of the active principle. At the same time, we can see that males, like any creatures, are emotional.

So, the question becomes, apart from these patriarchal formulations that state men are never whimsical nor emotional, where does emotion come from and where does it disappear to? Also, an entirely different question: Where does PATRIARCHY say the emotion comes from and disappears to — and what MUST it be bound to say if it is true to its own internal logic about active and passive principles?


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