The rupture

The Rupture will surely arrive if we keep on the path and do not deviate from it.  An intellectual of our sort will show us what to do, but only if we purify ourselves from within in order to make a better future.  Are you “tainted” with racism, sexism or or forms of oppressive mentality?  Most especially, are there leftists around you that you need to “call out” in order to assure a better future for us all?

Don’t wait for tomorrow or you may not be ready for The Rupture.

Now, you see through a glass darkly.  Only then you will see face-to-face.

Have you ever watched your friend asleep – to discover what he looked like? Yet your friend’s face is something else beside. It is your own face, in a rough and imperfect mirror.Have you ever watched your friend asleep? Were you not startled to see what he looked like? O my friend, man is something that must be overcome. The friend should be a master in conjecture and in keeping silence: you must not want to see everything. Your dream should tell you what your friend does when awake. May your pity be your conjecture: that you may first know if your friend wants pity.Perhaps what he loves in you is the undimmed eye and the glance of eternity. Let your pity for your friend conceal itself under a hard shell; you should break a tooth biting upon it. Thus it will have a delicacy and a sweetness.Are you pure air and solitude and bread and medicine to your friend? Many a one cannot deliver himself from his own chains and yet he is his friend’s deliverer. Are you a slave? If so, you cannot be a friend. Are you a tyrant? If so, you cannot have friends.

In the mean time, Sancho Panza just returned your call.  Don’t keep him waiting as there’s almost no time left to tear apart the “leftist hegemony”.


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